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Samples Link: HereCast Samples

HereCast was a platform for local news, events and classifieds at

The main focus of my work was product development and coding, however I did some market analysis work toward fundraising as well. The company ran on a tight Agile structure utilizing Scrum with excellent version control (git) and development practices.

Although I worked on many projects related to the site, I mostly served as Senior Front End Software Developer, Lead Product Development Manager, UI/UX Designer, and Analytics Engineer.

Primary responsibility as Senior Front End Developer (80% of the time):
– Hands-on leadership over all UI development initiatives
– Work with product owners to identify and define user problems
– Wireframe, design, and code prototype solutions in JavaScript and Ember.js
– Conduct real user testing and reiterate based on results
– Code acceptance, integration, and unit tests for new features
– Deploy to production using continuous integration process
– Monitor feature use via analytics, report results, and make changes based on data

Secondary responsibility as Lead Product Development Manager(20% of the time):
– Led larger team of product managers
– Grow user base to 100,000 monthly active users
– Build, maintain, and grow web traffic to 300,000 pageviews per month
– Rebrand business for national visibility
– Overhaul data structure to maximize user engagement and growth

Also worked on early wordpress sites and plugins for the company.

Code samples and references available upon request.