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New Hampshire Industries

Work with New Hampshire Industries started with an engineering investigation into their huge product portfolio and their desire to cut down the product offerings and reduce customer quote times.

After working with them to gather the full breadth of necessary information about the products, I worked to determine the critical factors in making an engineering choice of a pulley and flagging redundancies. Together with historical sales, we were able to reduce an initial offering of products from nearly 9,000 to around 500.

My analysis showed that building a web application to provide access to a consolidated product list would cut quoting time from 6 weeks to one or two days and provide significant savings in engineering hours and tooling costs. They had no internal resource for building web applications so I learned to program and built it for them.

There were many cool features, but my favorite was using HTML Canvas and JS to build a visual representation of how a belt would fit into any pulley offered (seen on product detail pages at link below).

Application Website: PulleyFinder (Appearance since changed by client)